Frequent asked Questions

How can I apply for the program?
You can request a YEP APP or click here to download it now. To know more about YEP, get our downloadable YEP sheet here!

How does the money get distributed?
Our board reviews each application from the youth in our community. YEP pays the organization directly for the approved activity.

What kind of programs does a YEP sponsorship cover?
We provide funds for extracurricular activities for kids and teens. Typically ages between 6-18 years old who are in need of some extra assistance.
These extracurricular activities include football, basketball, hockey, dance, tutoring, self defense classes. The idea is that we want to empower youth to become the greatest versions of themselves.
How do I volunteer or sponsor a kid for YEP?
We are looking for more volunteers to help with the organization. If you are interested please let us know. To sponsor a kiddo, we have sponsorship options here! Also individuals can donate